Best sites for downloading music for free in 3 clicks ( Most Used )

These are the most favourite websites to download music legally for free
  • We have shortlisted some best sites for downloading music for free
  • These websites offer you reliable and safe options to meet your music requirements
  • Most of these websites are free to use as they do not charge anything

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Music is like a therapy for some people. To listen to your favourite kind of a music, you can simply stream anywhere as there are a lot of options to choose from. But, what if you need to use music for your commercial use or let say you wanna download music in your device. We’ll be telling you the best sites for downloading music for free.

These websites are safe & reliable and you can download music for free from them. They also give you the power to use their music as a commercial purpose meaning in monetized YouTube videos or anywhere, you wanna earn money with these music.


The best places to download free music online

Our list simply cannot start without SoundCloud as this is one of the best site to download music for free. If you’re looking for a good place to download music without paying anything, then SoundCloud might be the right choice for you.

It’s also one of the most popular website to listen to music. You can use SoundCloud to stream music, make playlists, and even share your favorite tracks with others.

You can simply sign in or create a free account to proceed. For best experience they also offer you the iOS & Android app which you can find as the same name – SoundCloud.

On their homepage, you get to see the tracks that have been trending on SoundCloud. Also, you get the Top 50 of the week or the most played on the SoundCloud that week. You get to choose from different genre like Hip-hop Rap, Electronic, Trance, Dance & EDM etc.

YouTube Audio Library

If you are looking for an option that sounds familiar & well known, your search ends at YouTube. When it comes to watching videos, YouTube is the most popular platform. But, Do you know, YouTube Audio Library is also there to meet your requirements.

YouTube has a dedicated channel where it provides the copyright free music which means you can download it and use it for even commercial use. You can simply download these music as there’s a link provided in the description to download given music. If you use these music, you may need to provide the credit in your monetized YouTube videos.

Amazon Prime Music

How to download your favorite music legally

Another name that would definitely be looking familiar to you is Amazing Prime Music. As you know Amazon’s Prime Videos is a popular video streaming platform so downloading music from Amazon would be a reliable & safe option.

Amazon Prime Music allows you to download music and listen music offline. You can browse over 100 million songs with over 20 language, is what Amazon Prime Music claims to offer you. But, there’s a catch !

Although, there’s no additional cost for you to take advantage of their services, but you gotta be a prime member ! These days mostly people are already a prime member if you watch movies on Amazon prime video. So, technically it’s free if you are a prime member but if you are not, you gotta rely on other options included in this article.


Download your favorite music in simple steps for free

Music on Jamendo is free to stream & free to download, enabling you to discover new independent artists. Music from Jamendo is royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes.

You get music for putting in videos or for simply background purposes.

You can login to start using their services or simply tap on start button. As soon as you click on start button, you are exposed to lot of selected musics along with different playlists.

You can simply stream their music by clicking on the play button. Also there are more options as you can like your favorites tunes, share them and download them in your device.


Top 10 best websites to download music for free

Musopen is another similar music platform to meet you music streaming & downloading requirements. Musopen, founded in 2012, is a non profit based out of San Francisco, is what they say.

Musopen gives you four options : Music, Sheet Music, Radio & Education. Providing free music recordings, sheet music, apps and educational materials will increase access to music education, according to them.

In their Sheet Music section, they give you option to stream or download music according to your preferred instrument like Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, Chamber group and so on.

Musopen isn’t a bad option to stream or download music for free but you may see advertisement on their website which may end up interrupting you. But it’s worth that you give this website a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it legal to download music ?

A. It depends. Many websites offer access to music for streaming or downloading for free, but it is important to be aware of the rights associated with each site before downloading any music. As a general rule, copyright laws forbid individuals from downloading music without permission from the artist or copyright holder. If a website is offering copyrighted music without permission, then it is likely not legal.

Q. Is it completely free to download music ?

A. Again it depends websites to websites as some websites offer you to download music without having to take their membership and on the other hand, some do charge you for downloading music.

Q. Name free site to download music for free ?

A. We have already picked best sites for downloading music for free, where you can download your favorite music for free and legally.

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