How do you delete an account from Facebook?

This is your guide on how to delete an account on Facebook

If you no longer want to be part of the Facebook community, it’s easy to delete your account. This guide will show you how you can permanently delete your account, as well as deactivate or temporarily suspend it.

Deleting your Facebook account is a permanent process that isn’t reversible. After this, other users won’t be able to find you on Facebook or send you messages. Even you can’t be using messenger.

This means that all of the information, photos, videos, and messages associated with your account will be completely removed from the platform. Also, the apps you have been using with Facebook login will be removed.

If you still wish to delete your Facebook account follow the following steps.

Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account.

  • Login to your Facebook account from a computer
  • Click on your profile picture at the top right corner
  • Head over to “Setting & Privacy”, and select setting
  • Then you need to select “Your Facebook Information”
  • Select “Deactivation & Deletion”
  • Choose “Delete Account” option and select continue to account deletion
  • Click Delete Account and you’ll be asked to type your password and finally click continue

Before you delete your account we would highly recommended you to take a look at some of the points mentioned below.

Back Up Your Photos and Information.

Before deleting your account, you should make sure to back up the photos and other data associated with it. If you don’t have another copy of your information stored somewhere else, Facebook will delete it when you remove your account. To access this feature, go to Settings > Your Facebook Information and select Download Your Information. This will let you save a copy of your photos, messages and other data associated with your account.

Deactivate or Temporarily Suspend Your Account.

It’s possible to deactivate or temporarily suspend your Facebook account, as an alternative to deleting it permanently. When deactivating your account, your profile and information will disappear from the platform until you later decide to sign in again. To do this, go to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Deactivation and Deletion and select the Deactivate Account option. Once the account has been deactivated, you can reactivate it simply by signing in again.

Reactivate or Retrieve Your Account After a Break.

If you have deactivated or temporarily suspended your Facebook account and wish to retrieve it. vou can do so by logging in with your former credentials. You will then be taken to a page where you will have the option to reactivate vour account, It’s important to note that any posts, pictures, and messages sent during this period of suspension may still be visible on the platform. But if vour profile is deactivated for more than two weeks, Facebook may permanently delete it – so make sure vou reactivate it before then!

Choose and Establish an Alternative Platform for Keeping in Contact with Your Friends and Family.

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, it is important to know that this means that you won’t be able to keep in contact with your friends and family through the platform. Before deleting, make sure to set up an alternative platform for keeping in contact (e.g., email or WhatsApp]. This way, you can still have meaningful conversations and stay connected without the use of a social network.