How to check who visited my Instagram profile

Do you wanna know how to check who visited your profile on Instagram ? Here's everything that you need to know.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there . It’s easy to start using but hard to master. In this article we’ll find “How to check who visited my Instagram profile”

Instagram has over 500 million users worldwide. It’s one of the most popular social media platform on planet today.

Is there a way to check who visited your Instagram profile ?

Well, Instagram simply doesn’t provide any option to check who visited your profile on Instagram. If any app claims to show you the list of the accounts that secretly visiting your profile then it’s nothing but a scam ! And when these apps show you list, that list surely isn’t genuine.

Although, Instagram keeps adding new features to make user experience better. Instagram do provides insight in a professional account which can help a user to understand what kind of a audience reaching to his account ? What’s their age,gender,geography etc.

But, sadly there’s no way to get to know their names.

What could be the reason to not allow users to check profile visitors ?

Well, simple – users privacy !

But, there are various apps available both on Play store and App store that claim to tell you about the stalkers or people who are secretly checking out your profile. But, Do they work ? Definitely Not !

How to see who views your Instagram stories

If you suspect that someone is secretly visiting your profile and you really want to know about that person then you better post more stories than post. Also read : Are Instagram messages encrypted ? What’s true ?

Instagram provides viewers list in stories where all the users, who view you story can be found. After 24 hours, this list just disappears.

Apps to check who visited my profile on Instagram – Do they work ?

Not at all ! They don’t work. There are not any third party app that can show you who visited your Instagram profile.

Like Facebook, Instagram is also built in a way that no third party can figure out who’s been stalking your account.

These apps just try to get you sensitive data. We strongly recommend you to not share your Instagram user ID or password with any third party app and not let these apps take access of your Instagram account.

Instagram system is built in a way that not even a single app can tell you what’s happening in your Instagram account. And the data these app show is not faithful.

So, don’t fall for these traps as you may end up giving your sensitive information to a malicious website or app which might be dangerous for your account security.

Do this to get more insights of your account

If you really wanna track every possible activity of your account, you better switch to professional account. Professional account gets you more insights about your followers, account performance, what post is performing good and the one’s that are bad etc.

You get to learn about your followers. What type of content they are liking, what type of content is more engaging and the type of content not performing good etc.

Also, you get a option to create paid ads on Instagram and reach out to your desired audience and improve your reach among people. You can also add a contact button so that people can get in touch with you easily.

To enable professional account, tap on your profile icon>setting>account>switch to professional account.