Is Instagram end to end encrypted ? What’s truth ?

What is encrypted messaging ? How does Instagram protect messaging ?

Is Instagram end to end encrypted ? This is a question that must have come across your mind if you take security seriously.

Obviously, we’ll will talk about this in this article but you must have noticed, on the other hand WhatsApp do claim all the messages on the WhatsApp are end to end encrypted.

They claim even WhatsApp can’t read those encrypted messages !

After knowing this that WhatsApp and Instagram belong to the same parent company, that is meta ( formerly Facebook ), shouldn’t Instagram messages be end to end encrypted ? Let’s find out.

What is encrypted messaging ?

Encrypted messaging provides users an extra layer of security. It allows chats to be read,seen,heard by only the sender and receiver.

It simply forms an end to end connection and doesn’t allow any third party to interfere between sender and receiver.

How does end to end encryption protect messages ?

According to Instagram, in end to end conversation there is a special key to unlock messages on Instagram. Either a sender has this key or a receiver.

Instagram basically locks the messages once they are sent and can only be unlocked by the receiver with the help of this key. So, no other person can read those messages.

But remember one thing if a receiver chooses to share these chats or messages to the third person, he/she will be able to read these messages.

Why should you care about encryption ? How do I know my Instagram messages are secure ?

Are Instagram messages already encrypted ?

Well,Instagram messages are not end to end encrypted as of now. A little while ago some screenshots surfaced online, that showed Instagram is providing an option to enable end to end encryption.

Surprisingly, Instagram has also a blog that teaches you how to enable end to end encryption. But then there’s no option available for users to enable it.

According to the reports by TechCrunch, Instagram made this end to end encryption available for users in Ukraine & Russia. Another report by IndiaToday suggests that Instagram has delayed end to end till 2023.

Actually, Meta has delayed this end to end encryption on Instagram because there are some countries which are against this end to end encryption as if it is enabled, only sender or receiver can read these messages which make these chats invisible to law enforcement too.

Basically, if someone harasses someone ( or provides any harms) on Instagram then even law enforcement can’t read those messages.


Well at the end, we come to the conclusion that neither Instagram messages are end to end encrypted by default nor there’s any option available for users to enable it manually.

According to the reports, Instagram delayed the end to end encryption till 2023.

If encryption is that much important to you, you should not use direct messaging on Instagram. Use WhatsApp, instead. WhatsApp claims to have encryption enabled by default.

People Also Asked

Q. What is encryption?

A. Encryption is the process of converting data into a code that only authorized users can read. Encrypted information cannot be read without the proper decryption keys.

Q. How does Instagram encrypt messages?

A. Well, as of now Instagram doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect user’s content.

Although, Meta led WhatsApp provides end to end encryption. E2EE means that no one except the sender and receiver can access the message. When you send a message, Instagram creates a unique link that contains a secret token.Your recipient receives the same link and enters their own secret token to view the message.

Q. Why do I need to know about encryption?

A. You may not realize it, but many of the apps you use everyday have built-in security features. If you’re using any app that offers E2EE, then you don’t need to worry about someone intercepting your messages.

Q. Is Instagram end to end encrypted? Is Instagram secure ?

A. As told earlier, Instagram doesn’t offer end to end encryption as of now except Ukraine & Russia. In fact, they recently announced that they’ve added additional layers of protection to help keep account safe.

Q. Can I still receive messages if my phone isn’t connected to the internet?

A. Yes, you can still receive messages even if you your device isn’t connected to the Internet. You’ll just get a notification that says “Your friend sent you a message.”

Q. Does Instagram store my messages?

A. Yes. It’s applicable to the countries where end to end encryption is not available. For other countries where this is effective, Instagram doesn’t store messages as messages are deleted immediately after they are delivered.

Q. Are Instagram messages stored locally on my phone?

A. No. Messages aren’t stored anywhere on your device.